About Me

Hi, I'm Andrea!

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada I loved growing up in a multicultural and multilingual city, and making the most of idyllic winters.


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies, and a Master's Degree in Media Studies. With a specialization in video production, I am able to combine critical
thinking with technical skills, utilizing both traditional and
multimedia techniques.

My Approach to Communications

Having worked in both internal and external communications in enterprise-sized, medium, as well small companies, I've developed my skills when it comes to creating innovative but accessible content.

I'm all about using content to connect with people. Whether it's a blog, content on a website, a video, or social media post it has to resonate with people. No matter the type of content whether it's informative, instructional, or visually appealing, it's a great feeling when there's a successful takeaway.

Successful content is about adapting and understanding both who you're communicating with, the context and the unique subtleties. Being informed is a fundamental part of my process. Whether it's world events, advancements in technology, or changes in the market, competitor research, information is key.


In addition to all types of content creation, I pride myself on my organizational skills and accordingly my ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Along the way, I've become proficient in a wide array of multimedia tools and programs. From video editing, post creation and scheduling, and HTML builders, understanding trends and new offerings is part of constantly adapting.

I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with others and the added value this can bring, but I am also an independent worker who always looks to take initiative and come up with new creative ideas and considering different approaches.

A Bit More About Me

From a young age I have been very fortunate to travel extensively, and being exposed to different cultures has given me insight into how important it is to use the right words and tone to communication both effectively  and efficiently.

I am fully fluent in English, French, and Spanish, having grown up bilingual and then having learned Spanish in my time living abroad.

In my spare time I enjoy watching movies (except scary ones), playing saxophone, soccer, snowboarding, reading, and of course travelling, whether it's exploring my own neighborhood or visiting a new destination. A must-have under any circumstance is ample snacks.